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Some attributes
First Name: Cake
Second Age: 28 in Magical Cat Years
Third Species: Cat
Other attributes
Fourth Occupation: Heroine
Fifth Relatives: Fionna(Adoptive Sister)
Cake the cat is the gender (and species) swapped version of Jake the dog, created by Adventure Time character designer Natasha Allegri and featured in the episode "Fionna and Cake." She has Stretchy Powers and can morph her body just like Jake. Cake travels with Fionna, and Lord Monochromicorn is her boyfriend. As a cat, she also possesses the ability to see in the dark. The fur on her tail stands on the end or it "frizzes out" when there is danger around or when she gets excited (i.e. when Lord Monochromicorn speaks to her).

She was briefly mentioned in "King Worm" when the Ice King was in trouble and mistakenly used the gender-swapped names when asking Finn and Jake for help.


She doesn't look much like Jake, aside from their body proportions. She has white eyes in which the black pupils become circular if surprised, excited, shocked, or scared. She has a cat muzzle and a small nose (compared to Jake's), cat ears, white fur with many coffee colored spots, and a large bushy tail. When Fionna and Cake race Prince Gumball, when Cake runs up the mountain, she has claws on her front paws. In the Fionna and Cake Miniseries, Cake's eyes will go back to her original prototype blue color.[1]

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  • Cake's name is a play on Jake's name and is also based on Natasha's cat, Pancake.
  • Cake knows Morse Code because she can understand Lord Monochromicorn, similar to how Jake can understand Lady Rainicorn, who speaks Korean.
  • Fionna has taught Cake to change form on command, including a "Morningstar Mode."
  • Cake plays a Hammered Dulcimer, as opposed to a viola.
  • As her male counterpart with Marceline, she appears to be afraid of Marshall Lee. This has only been shown in official artwork, however.
  • Natasha Allegri created artwork which shows Cake and Ice Queen together in an affectionate setting. She states that Ice Queen raised Cake from a kitten; though, this sub-plot was not used in the "Fionna and Cake" episode.[2]


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