Cake's Dulcimer
Some attributes
First Name: Dulcimer
Second Orgin: Mesopotamians
Third Type: Folk Instruments
Other attributes
Fourth Introduced in: Fionna and Cake
The Dulcimer is a stringed musical instrument that Cake plays during the song "Oh, Fionna." When Cake stated that she was going to bring it, Fionna had whined and Cake referred to it as "a conversation starter." Cake plays one of the two types of dulcimers, which is a hammered one.


The hammered dulcimer was invented in Mesopotamia. It is a stringed instrument played by small mallets called hammers, hence the name hammered dulcimer. It is both a stringed instrument and a percussion instrument. The strings are tuned in pairs which means two strings next to each other will produce the same note.


  • Unlike Jake's Viola, Cake's dulcimer does not seem to have a worm (like Shelby) in it.
  • Real-world dulcimers are trapezoid-shaped, but Cake's dulcimer is rectangular, making it a hammered dulcimer.

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