Flame Prince
200px-Flame Prince with flambits
Some attributes
First Name: Flame Prince
Second Sex: Male
Third Age: 14
Other attributes
Fourth Species: Fire Elemental
Fifth Occupation: Prince
Flame Prince is the gender-swapped version of Flame Princess. He was created by Natasha Allegri in her artwork, but has never been featured on an episode.


He has hair made of fire[1]styled up and a big red jewel is located on his forehead. He also has yellow skin and pointed ears. He wears an orange and red suit and similarly colored boots, which each have a red jewel on them.


  • A piece of art depicting the Flame Prince shows inverse-colored Flambits, compared to the one of the regular universe; it appears he has the same ability to turn Fire Elementals into Flambits, but are inverted in color from the ones Flame Princess can create.
  • Even though Flame Prince was created, he has not yet been in a "Fionna and Cake" episode, and it is unclear whether he will ever make a cameo.
  • The picture where Fionna is over Flame Prince, drawn by Natasha Allegri, resembles the scene in Burning Low where Finn saves Flame Princess from going out.
  • He will appear in the Fionna and Cake comic series.
  • It's unknown if he will appear in the next Fionna and Cake episode, since the next one planning to be in 2013 is going to be more about Marshall Lee.


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