The Ice Queen is the fictional gender-swapped version of the Ice King, created by the original series designer,

Ice Queen
200px-Ice queen
Some attributes
First Sex: Female
Second Age: 600-1000+
Third Species: Magic User
Other attributes
Fourth Occupation: Queen
Fifth Relatives: Cake
Natasha Allegri. She has winter/ice-related powers like Ice King, that originate from her tiara. She makes her first and so far only appearance in the episode "Fionna and Cake", in which it is revealed that she, like all the other gender-swapped characters, exists only in fanfiction written by the Ice King.


Interestingly, despite being a creation of the Ice King's imagination, the Ice Queen is far more cruel, evil, and aggressive than he is. She uses much more violent and complex means to get her way than the Ice King does; such as tormenting Fionna with a wild scheme in order to put her out of commission, leaving her free to obtain Prince Gumball, but, like her counterpart, inevitably fails.


The Ice Queen has light blue skin, long white hair, and long lightning-shaped eyebrows. Her hair, while also long like the Ice King's beard, is wavy with curls instead of shaggy. She wears a small gold tiara with red gems and a neck band encrusted with a single blue gem in the center. She also wears a blue long sleeved ball gown, and light and dark blue shoes.


  • The Ice Queen's final designs differ from that of her initial designs, and this is because Natasha wanted her dress to resemble the dresses worn by Anastasia and Drizella, the mean step sisters from the Disney film Cinderella.
  • Just as the Ice King's source of power is his crown, Ice Queen's is her tiara, which even Cake uses for an ice attack at one point.
  • The Ice Queen's eyebrows are the equivalent of the Ice King's beard, allowing flight.
  • The Ice Queen refers to Fionna as a "tomboy."
  • In Natasha's drawing, Ice Queen was the previous owner of Cake, who cared for her as a kitten.
  • Fionna warns Cake about Ice Queen's tiara, saying that it makes people evil when they wear it. This would seem to resemble Ice King's origin story in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II."
  • It is possible that Ice Queen's more evil personality and cunning is based on what Ice King believes himself to be like or he made her like this to make him sound more tough, as it was he that wrote this story.
  • According to Natasha, the Ice Queen's backstory is completely different from that of the Ice King, meaning she acquired her tiara in a different way, to that of the king's crown.
  • She, unlike Ice King, can do a perfect imitation of Prince Gumball, while Ice King's imitation of Princess Bubblegum is horrible.
  • While the Ice King is always barefoot, the Ice Queen wears shoes.


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